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Creating a shared meaning is the sole purpose of this blog.

I credit Liz Ryan for her subscribers’ post which became the tipping point for my starting this blog. Having read, researched, reflected, and written largely for myself for several years, I am coming around to the truth that one’s life is not entirely one’s own. The truths we encounter as we partake in life’s pains and pleasures, humor and pathos, ascendance and falls, gratitude and surrender, and the gifts we are born with as also those we accumulate in our life’s journey, are all for us to share.

My posts will largely be my reflections – shallow or deep – based on my life-experiments and experiences, as I attempt to explore the WHYs. They will cover different aspects of life, as seen and felt by a peripatetic community development worker.

I will also share content from other fellow journey-persons – their art, writings and photography, which influence my thoughts and perspectives, and help me navigate the world. This will serve two purposes – one, those who find something useful in my blog have a high probability of sharing my interest in the cited material and two, I will have a repository of gems in one place to reread, stare at, ponder over, whenever I want.

I will love to connect with people who share an interest in community development, perpetual self discovery for improvement, painting, reading and writing.

I hope to learn, grow and evolve with my writings and interactions through this medium. Just a note of caution – I am developing this site on my own, learning the ropes along the way. Hence, requesting the readers to accommodate and egg-me-on to improve.

Wishing everyone well!

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