Emptying Your Way To Freedom

What do we mean when we say that s/he’s a mess. More often than not, this is intended to announce a person’s appearance, the way a person maintains and manages one’s material possessions, surroundings and also oneself and one’s relationships. Can a seemingly systematic person be a mess? Like a near swan-like serenity, masking aContinue reading “Emptying Your Way To Freedom”

Snuff the Energy out of your Indisposition

I always wondered how non-terminal illness can drive people to depression and sometimes, to even taking their own lives, till I was gifted a flavour of that experience myself. This is what I have learnt over the last one year of tackling a nagging and resilient medical issue and its myriad manifestations. Unforeseen illness throwsContinue reading “Snuff the Energy out of your Indisposition”

Why me?

In the past few months, as Corona pandemic engulfed our worlds, some of us may be left asking this very question. Looking at them and their lives and based on our relationship with them (and this ‘them’ can be ‘us’), we can respond in different ways, and we may also find ourselves struggling to keepContinue reading “Why me?”

The Gift of Competitive Release

I must have read about it during my college years, but it took an article on cancer cells by Dilip D’Souza for me to stumble (again) upon the concept of Competitive Release. Competitive release is said to occur when one of two species competing for the same resource, disappears. This allows the remaining competitor toContinue reading “The Gift of Competitive Release”

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Random musings of a perfectly flawed human

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